John Cee Stannard


... in January of 2011, I wrote half a dozen songs.  One of them was a bluesy number; five of those songs fell by the way side, but the blues number had struck a chord.  Over the next few months, a couple of dozen blues based songs had joined the growing list of songs which took me in a completely new direction. By the summer I knew that these songs had to be the basis of a solo project.  It took until August of 2012 for recording to start, and by December it was done.  Mixing took a further three months.  In May 2013, the John Cee Stannard Blues Orchestra CD, the “Doob Doo” album, was launched, named after the title track, “Doob Doo Be Doo Wah”.

So having my roots in the folk world, I found myself writing, arranging and producing my own blues based songs. Finally, a dream I have nurtured for decades has become a reality. 


… 13 captivating songs bathed in an atmosphere of blues and jazz clubs of the late ’40s.

Luc Meert – Rootstime Magazine

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