Mike Silver

Some treasures lay undiscovered for many years.

BOB Harris (BBC Radio2)


The craft of song writing is not honed overnight. Mike has over 40 years of experience as a writer, singer, guitarist and live performer and has been enjoying a quiet success story throughout the UK and in various territories around the world; his songs give expression to authentic human emotions without becoming sentimental. Signed to Elton John’s Rocket Records in 1973, Silver toured the USA supporting Dory Previn, and Ashford and Simpson. His work as a studio musician and backing vocalist with Charles Aznavour, Chris de Burgh, Ralph McTell, Ray Thomas (Moody Blues) and many more is well documented. His ability to write and perform songs, which transcend many guitar and musical styles, was recognised by Justin Hayward who recorded Mike’s song, “Maybe It’s Just Love” on his solo album Night Flight.

Even after many years travelling, singing and playing Mike is still fascinated by music, to him it is a never ending voyage of discovery; “Being able to play music is like having my birthday every day. The size of the audience is irrelevant, 1000 people, 100 or 10 it’s still the same, it’s an exchange of emotions: occasionally, there is that frisson that ripples through them in the very few seconds between the end of the song and the beginning of their applause: it’s like an earthquake in your heart”.

After seeing and hearing Mike perform for the first time one fan, among so many who have written in said, “I will never forget that evening at Hitchin. I didn't expect to find heaven in The Sun Hotel”. Variously reminiscent of James Taylor, Phil Collins and even Sting, Silver matches the talent of his better known peers; his beautifully restrained delivery is especially noteworthy. Silver always produces the goods, something that will come as no surprise to his loyal fans.

Mike’s 16th release How Many Rivers, brings the number of albums to 16. “...Rivers” is yet another collection of finely crafted songs offering ballads, a little blues here and there and a distinct but not overpowering taste of country as well.


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