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Lynne Whiteland and John Stannard are both talented musicians and songwriters. As Tudor Lodge they augment each other’s styles perfectly. The interweaving guitar styles supporting songs with great melodies and often haunting lyrics can be heard on the CDs Tudor Lodge have released over the years.

After over 40 years, founder member John, together with partner of 30 years Lynne, is still producing their distinctive style of music. Lynne’s gentle and sensitive singing is the perfect vehicle for her songs, and an evening with Tudor Lodge will also feature a few covers, and a little nostalgia. Over the years, Tudor Lodge has toured extensively, appearing at clubs, concerts, and occasional festivals such as the 7th Cambridge. They still enjoy playing the clubs, largely in their local areas of Berkshire and Hampshire, as well as making occasional concert and festival appearances.

May 2013 saw the release of Tudor Lodge’s 6th full studio album, “Stay”, featuring 14 new songs by Lynne and John. This album was three years in the making and Lynne and John are thrilled with the result. There is a fuller, more complete band sound throughout and the additional musicians, including orchestrations on three tracks, makes it even more special. The feedback so far has been terrific, with listeners describing the album as “... absolutely the best work you’ve ever done.”

Also in May 2013, some 42 years after the first Tudor Lodge album, founder member John Cee Stannard has launched his first solo project. “The Doob Doo Album,” released in May 2013, is a blues based album which mainly features songs written by John Cee during the previous two years.

During the past ten to fifteen years, Lynne has embarked on a parallel, more spiritual path which has led to her becoming a qualified hypnotherapist and a crystal healer. Following her love for the power of crystals, she now gives talks and conducts workshops on the subject.


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