The programme for the festival. (Times and acts subject to change).

(This year’s programme is now full, please no further requests, but we do have an excellent “Open No Mike” if you would like to show us your talents!)

Friday 23rd June

20:00 Open mic featuring MIKE SILVER
(Jug collection if just coming for this evening)

Saturday 24th June

12:00 John Cee Stannard and Blues Horizon 
12:45 Helen Young
13:10 Mel
13:35 Bearwood (Colin Bailey)
14:00 Unplugthewood Allstars
14:30 Greg Harper
15:00 Two Oak Sons
15:30 Richard Cox Smith


16:30 Green Embers
17:10 GP Hall
17:50 Kelly’s Aye
18:30 Sue Graves


19:20 Tudor Lodge
20:00 John Buckley
21:00 Mark Nelson Trio
22:00 Two Coats Colder

Sunday 25th June

12:00 Gary and Sherryl Payne with Martins Choice
12:50 Jonathan Molyneux
13:15 Chris and Phil Pittman
13:40 Hilary Ward
14:10 Chris Nevard
14:40 Mike Krabbers Hedge Inspectors


15:30 David and Alison Fenner
16:00 Blossom Hill Band
16:40 Steve Donnelly
17:20 No Small Thing
18:00 Terry St Clair
19:00 Jim McLean

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GREG + GUITAR-117 (3)
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Greg Harper is an English singer-songwriter. He is celebrated for his ability to combine evocative melodies with genuinely thought-provoking lyrics. He was a finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition in 2008. Greg writes with passion and honesty about our history, aspirations, loves and lives. He has performed in many diverse venues, ranging from folk festivals to folk clubs, pubs to parliament, theatres to farms, poetry events, castles, churches, chapels, village halls and country barns.

“Great songs.”  Steve Knightley.

Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson Trio Mark Nelson

John Cee Standard and Blue Horizon

John Cee Stannard and Blues Horizon  John Cee Stannard

Mike Krabbers

Krabbers Mike Krabbers

Tudor Lodge

Tudor Lodge Tudor Lodge

Two Coats Colder

Two Coats Colder Two Coats Colder

Terry St Clair

Terry St Clair Terry St Clair

John Buckley

Some of the local artists who have supported the festival over the years!

Sue Graves

Sue Graves has sung around the folk clubs for as long as she can remember. Her clear, expressive voice means that she has been snapped up as a singer by many a collaboration, most notably the trios Soiree and Voiceover. Often referred to as the 'Surrey Nightingale', Sue has the knack of choosing songs that just 'click' with the audience, accompanying herself most tastefully with fingerstyle guitar. Talking of tasteful, Sue has one weakness - chocolate!  Her home is a well-stocked shrine to the brown gold and she reckons it is the key to happiness and health (along with music of course!).   

Phil and Chris

Phil and Chris Pittman have been regular performers at both the Tweseldown Acoustic Music Club (formerly the Windmill) and Poppies for more than ten years.  Their repertoire comes from a variety of musical influences and includes many self-penned songs.

Helen Young. "Having been diagnosed several years ago with Multiple Sclerosis I took up playing guitar as something to wile away the hours.  I started frequenting some of the local acoustic evenings in my area and eventually took up the courage to perform.  Now a few years on, I regularly sing and play whenever I can.  It is always an honour to perform at the Boars Bridge Festival especially as it is in aid of such a good cause. Would I have taken up the guitar if I’d not been diagnosed? The answer is ‘probably not’ but what I can say is, as a part of my MS journey, it is something I will never regret."

Kellys Aye

Kelly’s AyeFelix and Kathy are from N Ireland where they met and started singing together. They ran a folk club in S Africa where they lived for some years.  Now their club involvement is with the Windmill/Tweseldown club and Poppy's - both fairly local to the festival site.  They play guitar, mandola and whistle and their material varies from traditional to modern and self written. 

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